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The Way of Rising Mother-Child Intelligent Brand in China: ebemate ALL IN Intelligent Age
2019-07-31 14:00:37
"ALL IN" usually refers to the term of poker game, which means "all in advance", but nowadays, "ALL IN" has been interpreted as "all out, no tangle, no bystander" for an enterprise or brand. In 2019, it is such an ALLIIN era, Love U Baby carries four new annual full-speed ALL IN.

Intelligent new products become a group favorite to build a good helper in child-rearing

Recently, the brand of Nanzhao Intelligent Technology - "ebemate love U baby" as a black horse of maternal and infant intelligent products, appeared at the 19th CBME China Pregnancy and Infant Exhibition with a new group of intelligent products, attracting exhibitors and industry practitioners from all over the world to consult and experience, among which the new product "Intelligent Care Housekeeper U1" is the main one. With its simple appearance, strong configuration, perfect function and parenting concept, it has become the "group favorite" of exhibitors.

With intelligent caregiver as the "center" and the combination of smart hiss assistant and intelligent body temperature assistant, ebemate has brought a whole family parenting solution - infant intelligent care system. Through different use scenarios of different intelligent products, a full record of baby growth data is formed, and an all-round Family Parenting Network is created. Not only that, but also it can be shared with the baby’s relatives and friends to pay attention to the baby’s growth.

Hardware companies that don’t want to do services are not good mother-to-child smart products companies. In addition to polishing the hardware and software perfectly, Aiu Baby has developed a "small service" function to escort the growth of babies for the consideration of actual use scenarios, and used it as a link to get through all the intelligent products of Aiu Baby. Not only the early education module, but also online professional pediatrician’s "online consultation" service will be launched in the future. Through the accurate diagnosis of big data of baby’s safety and health, it will solve the "last mile" of the difficulty of seeing a doctor for infants and young children.

Consumption Upgrading, Mother and Child Intelligence Industry is a Blue Sea

The development of China’s maternal and infant industry has gone through four stages, namely, the initial stage, the rapid development stage, the golden outbreak stage and the mature stage. If we want to highlight the tight encirclement in the mature market, we must start with the segmentation of the market. With the increasing popularity of AI intelligent technology, what kind of sparks will "mother and baby + AI" come across? Aiu Baby occupies the market opportunities as a market pioneer, from market research to product development, and then to marketing promotion, trying to accumulate thick and thin hair in every detail and go all out.

Facts have proved that consumption upgrading, concept change, the rise of the middle class and so on have contributed to the sustained and rapid development of the maternal and infant industry, and the market demand and potential of maternal and infant intelligent products are enormous. Driven by the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy and the upgrading of the real retail transformation, the upgrading of consumption structure and the rise of middle-class families, together with the popularization of new retail models, are promoting the transformation and upgrading of the mother-to-child market. At the same time, the concept of child-rearing of the younger generation pays more attention to scientific and educational functions, and the recognition of brand, channel, content and platform is more rational. For practitioners in the maternal and infant industry, this means that opportunities and challenges coexist, and ebemate is an innovative maternal and infant smart brand based on market changes and demand.

"ebemate", which means "good helper of intelligent childcare", is dedicated to providing safe, convenient, comfortable and intelligent products and services for the new generation of parents, leading a new way of scientific childcare. Brand logo is a triangular structure of blue and pink. The triangular structure represents stable and harmonious parent-child relationship. Blue represents the harbor of quiet and safe mothers, while pink represents a lovely and warm family baby. The baby lies in the arms of his mother’s love. This is the warmth created by ebemate for all parents and children’s home.

Nowadays, the market gap of maternal and infant intelligent products is rapidly opening. ebemate has stood in the wind of the age of maternal and infant intelligence. Choosing love U baby means choosing opportunities and wealth, believing in the choice of the times, believing in the power of choice. This golden age is the best gold rush age.

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