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Established in May 2018, Dongguan Nanhao Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise that focuses on intelligent information system, intelligent interconnected product design, R&D and marketing. Consisting of two brands:ebemate and AbellStar, the company focuses engages in the research and development of maternal and infant intelligent products. It adheres to the strategic vision of “becoming an excellent and reliable parenting helper for parents.” Hence, it ultimately aims to bring scientific parenting technology into every family.

Our company gathers top scientists and engineers, of which 95% gained a bachelor’s degree, 50% gained a master’s degree or above, and the core members were associated with Qualcomm, Huawei, etc. Concentrating on the research and development of maternal and infant intelligent products for more than five years, the young and energetic team has mastered the cutting-edge information technology and quantitative results in the industry to maximize the quality of product design and user experience.

Our products are currently available for sales on major domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms. Meanwhile, we have expanded to O2O and new retail models to establish distribution channels in Taiwan, North America, and Japan, endeavoring to become a market leader in the field of maternal and infant intelligent products and services. As the industry’s first infant monitor equipped with AI technology, the revolutionary Smart Baby Monitor U1 will soon to be introduced to the market, by which various existing baby care problems can be solved, and the motto “safe baby and relieved mother” can therefore be truly achieved.

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