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Make yourself relaxed and joyful while giving your baby the best love.”

                                 ——UU’s mother, founder of ebemate

Every mother loves her baby deeply, but the deeper she is attached to the baby, the easier she tends to lose herself.

I am UU’s mother, and I have a cute daughter called UU. In the wake of giving birth to UU, I was trapped into terrible anxiety for such a long time as I did not know how to take good care of my daughter. I didn’t understand why my baby was always crying. “Is she hungry?” “Did she poop?” “Is there anything wrong with her?”...  A pile of worries pulled me back from the joy of being a mother.

Being a new mom is very exhausting and stressful. In the past few months, I never had a chance to go shopping, grab dinner with my friends or even go to the cinema to see a movie. I soon realized that my negativity has caused me anxiety. I remember few weeks ago on a regular evening, after feeding my daughter and putting her to bed as usual, I finally burst into tears…I love my daughter, but I am also sacrificing my personal life.

In order to change of my current situation, I have decided going back to work is the most ideal option.

After going to back to work for a few weeks, my mental and physical wellbeing have slowly recovered and found a balance. However, the downside is that my daughter had, therefore, become a “left-behind child”. Before I leave home every morning, my daughter always wailed, “I don’t want you to go to work...” Looking at my daughter’s downcast eyes, I couldn’t help asking myself, “Am I a selfish mum? Should I consider her feelings instead?”

The fact is that daughters would miss their mothers and vice versa. I was always absent from my daughter’s growth- the first walk, the first talk... I heard all of them from my mother-in-law, but I figured it out that these memorable moments would only occur once.

In addition, I was also worried about my mother-in-law’s poor care for my daughter. Perhaps she would encounter bumps at home, or perhaps when she was sick, they would treat her in home-grown methods. I worried that my daughter would form bad habits because of their unhealthy behaviors, and I was concerned about whether strangers would go into my home to abduct my baby while they were inattentive.

I want to give my daughter the best love-a safe and healthy environment, but at the same time, I do not want to miss out all the key moments of her growth. Besides, I also want to have a fantastic life. It will be phenomenal if there is such a life-changing product that could solve all my problems. 

I was in desperate need for this product! But numerous products that claim to be able to “allow parents to accompany their children in growth” cannot actually fulfill its purpose. Is it possible to create a product to meet the needs of mothers like myself? When I had this idea, I immediately asked the mothers around me. Unexpectedly, they all had the same worries and needs. Through repeated introductions, I finally met Dr. Du Minghui, who has worked in the maternal and infant industry for years. With the original aspiration of “helping more mothers to solve their parenting troubles”, we clicked nicely with each other. Together with the scientific and technological team led by Dr. Du, I ushered in the pursuit of this fantastic ideal.

We named the brand “ebemate”, meaning “an excellent helper of intelligent parenting”. We devote ourselves to providing safe, convenient, comfortable, and intelligent products and services for the new generation of parents and leading an innovative way of scientific parenting. The brand logo is a triangular structure filled with blue and pink. The triangular structure represents a stable and harmonious parent-child relationship. Blue represents a tranquil and safe mother’s harbor, while pink represents an angelic and jolly baby. A baby lies in the arms of his/her mother, and this is the happiest picture we could all imagine.

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